A native of Appalachia in Virginia, where the Blue Ridge Mountains can break your heart just to look at them, I've also lived in Kenya, Sweden, Germany, Liberia, and New York. Currently residing in Los Angeles.

After succeeding, without meaning to, at being a ship’s cook in Sweden, admission to MFA studies at CalArts without prior college, surviving Catholic boarding school and two coups d'état (West Africa and Haiti), singing backup vocals for Holly Beth Vincent’s New Wave/Post Punk band, Holly and the Italians, curating art installations, and creating makeup design for Robert Wilson's VOOM Portraits, Broadway musicals, opera, and film, I made what must be described as a belly-flop, rather than a dive, into writing. 

If one is stubborn enough to live a long time, she may have one of those rare and exquisite moments of running into her first and fiercest love.


Writing was the one that got away.


It happened with a jolt. You catch sight of it just as it turns the corner. But there is no doubt. There is the stabbing gasp of remembrance before you bolt towards that thing you loved with your whole heart. I knew I could not not do it anymore. I purchased some grammar books, "The Borzoi Handbook,” “Chicago Style," and the 3rd edition of “Harbrace,” studied with three writers, for whom I have profound love and respect, and ten years of brutal work later, began to submit. 

Opportunity has arrived, not from those submissions but at the back door, when a friend asked me to write an article about an artist from Los Angeles. It was for a travel magazine, of all things, but it was Bob Guccione Jr's travel magazine which is another thing altogether. For those fortunate enough to have read SPIN Magazine in the 80s and 90s, you understand.  


Yes, there is a novel in the works, "Everything Can Kill You," based on my time in Liberia, West Africa during the coup of 1980.